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Meade & Associates, Inc. founded in 1978, has built an outstanding reputation for providing accounts receivable management services. We've built this reputation using our strongest asset, our people.

Our philosophy is service, trust, and reliability. As a full service collection agency, Meade & Associates provides personal service to each and every account.

With Meade & Associates working on your accounts receivable, your image and reputation will be protected while you benefit from discreet, professional and personal service. We believe that success is obtained with teamwork and we strive to be your partner in providing quality collection services.

Meade & Associate's clients get the highest return on their receivables. We use state-of-the-art software to provide accurate information to our clients.  The use of advanced technology allows our collection specialists to work your accounts in the most efficient manner while providing you with outstanding service in retaining patient and customer relations.

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Vital to America’s Economic Health
It gives us great pride to share with you the findings of a brand new study by ACA International and global advisory firm Ernst & Young to measure the important impact of third-party debt collection on America's national, state and local economies.

Impact of Third-Party Debt Collection

Returning Assets
Gross Amount Recovered $54.9 B
Commissions / Fees $10.3 B
Net Amount Collected $44.6 B

Providing American Jobs
Direct Jobs 148,272
Direct Payroll $5 B
Direct & Indirect Jobs 302,000
Direct & Indirect Payroll $10 B

Paying Taxes
Direct State / Local Taxes $509 M
Direct Federal Taxes $495 M
Total State / Local Tax Impact $1 B
Total Federal Tax Impact $970 M

Giving Back
Charitable Contributions $85.2 M
Employee Volunteer Hours 652,300


It's a great time to be in collections!


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